Suzuki RGV 500

Started life as a unloved RG500 street fighter. Stood for 11 years so I bought it as I always wanted an RGV 500 replica, bought a ex race bike RGV250. And so it began, complete nut screw, washer, bolt engine rebuild all genuine parts, engine grafted into RGV frame, I wanted a 1989 Pepsi rep so after months of scouring the web for replica bodywork to no avail, I made my own tail piece in fibreglass, tank, fairing, mudguard all modified from std, genuine factory RGV 500 silencers, home made syndrome fairing mount, clutch cover, modified R6 radiator, titanium spindles, bolts, all unnecessary brackets, parts not essential have been removed, bike runs day time mot, Nikkon exhausts modified by me, NOS wiring loom modified by me, polished frame and swingarm by me, tuned engine, quick action throttle, becuase it's just not scary enough. Bike is super light 120ish kgs, bit of an obsession, and 110-120bhp makes an interesting ride.