Suzuki RGV250

Here is my bike, which I think Suzuki should have built in the first place. I had never owned or ridden an RGV, so I started by buying a frame off an RGV Forum Member, which then I decided to have a Honda NC30 swingarm engineered to fit with the Honda RVF400 17" rear wheel which fits straight in and looks cool.

I sourced a standard engine, which was in four boxes of bits, and rebuilt it with new bearing seals which I had never worked on before and had the barrels nikasil plated by Sean (The Tuning Works).The bike was sent away and had exhausts designed and custom made by Mick Abbey and fitted with Carbon cans. I fitted an Aprilia RS250 bottom yoke and Aprilia RSV1000 top yoke which the forks fitted straight into. Aprilia RSV1000 (2007) Showa radial front forks and fitted with new softer springs made by Springcoil (Sheffield); Aprilia RSV1000 (2007) Brembo radial brakes and discs with an Aprilia RSV1000 (2003) earlier model Brembo front wheel to match the rear. This needed discs spacers to centre front discs onto calipers. I found a cheap brand new Tyga Suzuki VJ22 front fairing which I made to fit the VJ21 and had the Tyga seat unit custom made for my (VJ21) which Paul from Tyga (Thailand) sorted me out with, then made a subframe for the seat to house the battery and electrics, a Nitron shock custom made for my weight sorted by Sean (TTW), Gilles rearsets from a Honda CBR600, Brembo 19x18 master cylinder and reservoir fitted with goodridge hoses, Koso GP dash, the Radiator re-cored by West Mercia Radiators and fitted with Samco hoses, Aprilia RS250 Custom clip-ons.Painted in MotoGP 2005 John Hopkins colours by Cordwell Motorcycle Paint. Dynoed and setup by Dan Hegarty, kicking out 60 bhp, I think its awesome!