‘Double Trouble’
Yamaha XV750

Here is my 1981 Yamaha XV750 which I have transformed into a Cafe Racer style bike. My inspiration for the build firstly came from watching a programme called Cafe Racer TV, which featured a bike built by Greg Hageman. So three years ago I purchased a bike from Ebay, which was running and complete. The bike sat in my garage for 12 months before I eventually decided to get off my backside and start building my version of a Cafe Racer! So what did I do?
Fitted a front end of a 2003 R1 by machining a new stem so it would fit onto the original headstock, l like the look of the chunky forks. Fitted R1 front wheel and brakes, designed and fabricated the rear subframe to support the seat and house the battery and electrics, mounted the Benelli style tank and reshaped the rear of the tank to follow and match the shape of the seat and have a clean join between the tank and seat. Original switch gear was used which I re-furbished. Fitted a Koso speedo unit. Fitted a 2 into1 exhaust with a stainless cone end can. Modified the original harness which I routed to hide as much as possible to keep the build clean. Tarozzi rear sets with homemade linkages. Various brackets designed and made. The engine was painted and polished, rather than paint the barrels black like other builds I decided to flip it around and paint the heads black and highlight the fins. The paint work was done professionally, l have not mastered the skill of painting! I wanted to try and achieve a retro/modern mix, so I chose Yamaha MotoGP blue with a Bonneville painted tank style.
Hope you like it! Best thing about the bike? Riding it, happy days.