Kawasaki ZRX1200

My ZRX based streetfighter took three years to build. The engine is bored to 1224cc has Yoshimura FCR-MNJ39mm carbs, yoshi cams and a custom 4-1-2-4 exhaust. There are loads more bits, but she makes about 174 Bhp. The suspension was completely sorted by Maxton. I don't like to use non-manufacturer parts, so the rear wheel is a 6" ZX9 rim with a 200 tyre. The seat and tail is made from an old road sign, then the whole lot is painted a deep maroon with ghost flames with my kids names in the flames. The idea was to build a fighter with attitude, which looked short and stocky and had more than enough power. I think I succeed with everything except the power. I'm planning on a supercharger over the winter! I've also recently broken my back, so I'm also considering a trike conversion, but that will have to be after it has won the Ace Build at Motorcycle Live!