Yamaha YZF R1 4XV

What you see here started out as a 99 Yamaha R1 YZF 4XV which I purchased new in 1999. The bike has slowly evolved into something totally different; starting its life as a standard super sports, to a street legal drag bike. I initially bought the bike in mind so that I didn't have to modify it and would be quite happy riding it without any major change. However, immediately after buying the bike I knew that I wasn't happy with the looks and to be completely honest I felt as though I had made a huge mistake. After spending my whole life modifying bikes myself so they are unique and to my own liking, I found myself to be amongst others that had to distinguish my bike from another just by looking at the number plate. All of a sudden the standard look of the bike didn't do it for me and I needed to modify it as much as possible. The modifications began not even a week after purchasing it and are ongoing to this day. Modifications include Ohlins forks, braking front rim discs, harris yokes and clip ons, ISR front master cylinder and clutch lever, Mistsubishi turbo/ intercooler, JE pistons, carrillo conrods, lightened balanced knife edged crank, gas flowed head, launch control, air shifter, JMC top and bottom braced swinging arm 12"over, ohlins rear shock, lowered front and rear suspension, modified tank 3" cut out of height, one off seat 12" extended. With the bike being turboed, its power output has been significantly increased from the standard claimed 145 bhp to 285 bhp. After a long period of constant improvements, the bike now has become more of a drag bike which is occasionally raced at Santa Pod, to an everyday sports bike weekend toy.