‘Tronti Café Köter’
Triumph Triton

Tronti - Café Köter - An art take on the Triton Café Racer motorcycles of the 1960’s. Made by hand, to the requirements of the owner, these were no frills speed machines. The Triton was, and still is, the most coveted of the Café Racers. Tronti has the Triumph engine in the ultra-desirable Manx Norton frame, with 1990’s Ducati forks, wheels and brakes, a Triton for the next Century. First registered in 1998 after a 3 year build, this is a focused homage to a genre. Time and use has taken its toll, so regeneration was required. Some of the specially adapted parts, in particular the fuel tank, have become unusable. A new development of the old theme is required. A Suzuki GT 750 tank is used, and this floats above the beautiful curves of the Manx Norton frame, revealing what was formerly partially hidden by the alloy tank. This gave the theme The ‘re-genred' Tronti is now an even more eclectic mix of marques, all modified or adapted to fit and ‘float’. The bike opens up, air spaces visually highlighting the technology that makes a motorcycle, all enhanced with items relating to Coffee Espresso cups, saucers, coffee pot, grinder handles, use of coffee sacks, sculpted coffee beans and artwork, - even coffee in the paint! This has also become homage to the Café Racer society of today, the bike is more likely to be found outside the cafes, the bike has become an extension of a lifestyle character. Café Köter comes from the Café Culture and Köter is the German word for ‘Mongrel’, beautifully describing the ’Bitsa’ build. (Metisse, the French word for Mongrel has already been used. This is Kinetic sculpture, craftsmanship, adaptation, fabrication, lighting and concept in one exclusive package - useable too! Thanks to everyone who helped.