‘The Sh!t Flinger’
Honda SLR650

Built entirely in the shed, this bike started out as a dreary little Honda SLR650 commuting bike. With the scrambler vision in mind the first task was to raise the ground clearance, this was done by mating some YZ 450 motocross forks to the SLR headstock, this involved some machining of the top yoke and an inventive stem nut solution. Wanting to keep the original wheels matching I then turned the spindle on the lathe and made a brake caliper adapter for the original caliper. Along with a longer rear spring the bike now stands a lot more fit for the farm. Next I adapted, repaired and 2k painted an old XL125 fuel tank to fit, really pleased with how the gun metal grey compliments the tan seat.

A home made set of headers was then knocked up and heat wrapped for a single silencer rather than the original double. Battery is tucked away nicely in its own box, All welding, bracketry, frame mods, painting I've done myself in the shed learning as I go. Finally I painted the wheels and fit the biggest road legal nobbled tyres I could find for tearing across the fields.

This isn't a professional build but built for thrills its deemed what was once reviewed by MCN as a "fairly joyless machine" a new lease of life. Its as fun to ride as it looks!

Future plans for the bike are a complete winter strip down and powdercoat. Engine rebuild including high lift cam, along with a FCR carb to squeeze a bit more poke out of the old single. As well as a full wiring loom to neaten things up a little.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I smile when I pull the little Honda out the barn :)