‘Sheene tribute’
Suzuki GT750J

I was 16 and riding a fizzy when Barry Sheene won the 1976 world championship, always loved that Texaco Heron colour scheme on his RG500 and wanted to build a tribute. So bought a derelict 1972 Suzuki GT750J and a minichamps RG500.
De lugged frame, Dresda swinging arm, lengthened shocks, custom rearsets, clippons, lengthened original tank with radiator flap closed up and flush petrol cap fitted. Period 7 spoke alloys, custom spaces and discs. ZXR400 under slung rear brake calliper, RG500 seat unit, totally rewired, electronic ignition, Solid stae regulator/rectifier, LED indicators, modified Wekam fairing and head light unit, panigale tail piece. Crank refurbed and balanced, +0.5 rebore, engine powder coated, rare finned outer casings, beautiful bare weld stainless expansion chambers all topped with that Texaco Heron paint job. The before picture included for reference