Indian Motorcycle JAP board racer

Hi, my name is Mark, and I built this board racer myself - I made the whole bike. I went to Mallory park a couple of years ago and saw a board racer which someone made. I thought I could better - I'm not a professional bike builder - Just a couple of tools and a shed. I used 28x2 1/2 wheels Coker tyres, a JAP 500cc side Valve engine, BSA gearbox two-speed . The frame and front forks, petrol tank, oil tank and handle bars are hand-made by me and all hand painted - just like the old days! If you were racing in 1914 you would of made one of this bikes! I took the bike up to Brooklands this year and rode it around the Byfleet banking which was just great fun. It was accepted really well at Brooklands, so I thought I would share the bike with you all to see, and see what you can do when you put you mind to something, instead of watching the TV, and be boring.