‘Wes Cooley Special’
Suzuki GS1000

I had wanted to build an AMA inspired bike for a long time Z1000, CB900 or GS1000 and saw this GS1000 for sale at my local motorcycle MOT station. The owner had drag raced it in the past, so the bike was a bit tatty but it looked very interesting and had a lot of extras already fitted. It was also mechanically sound making it a good starting point, so I purchased the bike and started my project. I stripped it down to the bare frame to open up the centre of the bike as I wanted to put the battery and the electrics under the seat. I welded two plates onto the top of the frame then I moved the battery and all the electrics to under the seat and deluged the frame removing all the unwanted brackets. I had the frame powder coated and then set about refurbishing, polishing and replacing parts as I went along. I had a local painter paint the tank and panels then I applied all the decals. He then had it back and lacquered them. The bike has many extras including 6 pot Pretech calipers, Ohlin rear shocks, Akpont ally rims, Raask rear sets, Dyna ignition & coils, Pringle gas tap, Taylor Leads, motion pro throttle, 29mm smooth bore Mikuni carbs, JMC swinging arm, Micron fork brace and Marving exhaust. The engine has been bored out to a 1085cc plus there are more engine mods carried out by the previous owner. I stripped the top end of the engine replacing the piston rings checking and grinding in all the valves and giving it all a refresh. It took me about 5 months to complete the work. The bike has now been on the road for two years and wherever it is parked it turns heads.