Kawasaki ZR750 zephyr

This was built as a creative project I build in my little shed. I didn't really have an end picture in mind fully when I started the build, but had an 80% idea of where I was going with it.

I wanted something different and to be honest a bike the would divide opinion. I didn't want to play it safe and just do a 'cafe' or a 'tracker'. I decided on a cross between a cafe and a scrambler. Not practical at all (been told this lots lol) but striking and different. All work apart from paint was carried out by myself.

It's has an engine out rebuild. Frame was de-lugged and modified to accept split rear brake lights and indicators that operate individually from each other so to keep it MOT legal (my own design and haven't seen it elsewhere). The left light for example brakes while the full right indicates and once the indication is complete it returns to a tail and brake light. Also introduced an under tray brake light just to make sure people can see me. I'm running a lithium shorai battery shock operates brilliant. LED under chassis lights for show. I also made the front lighting unit modular so I can switch between two different looks (one MOT legal with projector) I fitted a perspex bulkhead screen between the rear wheel and velocity stacks to eliminate any running issues in the wet.. it works very well. Carbon dipped swing arm and lower tree. All cables braided and it's kept as clean as possible. I've tried my best to hide all wires so I could get a totally clean and open rear chassis. Idiot lights fitted into the top tree. Loads more I haven't mentioned...