‘Guzzi Café’
Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk2

I started with a Moto Guzzi Le Mans engine and frame, everything else was sourced new or custom made for the bike.

My inspiration comes from the Bike shed shows I've attended and I have been impressed by the rising standards of amateur bike building. I've built a Guzzi Café before, but I wanted to achieve something even better.

The bike was built over the last two years. I wanted to achieve a good-looking café racer with some modern refinements. The chassis has been modified to delete the lower frame rail, this reduces weight and gives a neater look. This means the front frame has to be modified and new engine mounts made, and new rear gearbox mounts made.

The engine has been fully rebuilt and blueprinted, it uses a raceco ss2 cam, lightened and balanced flywheel, 45mm race exhaust system, 41mm fcr flat slide carbs, distributor deleted for contactless modern electronic ignition.

Full custom wiring loom made using a Motogadget M unit to simplify wiring. Small Halo headlight, Motone switchgear and motogadget bar end indicators and mirrors. Handmade custom aluminium bodywork, e.g.: seat unit, front guard, engine breather box, rear guard. All designed by myself for the project.
The tank is based on an MV 350 shape, made to fit the Le Mans frame.

All brakes were upgraded to modern stainless steel discs and adapted twin pot brembo Calipers on the front to improve braking power.
The bike has turned out as I wanted, an old style cafe racer more than able to be reliably ridden on modern roads and is brilliant fun to ride as well as being good to look at.