Yamaha VMAX 1200

After being told on too many occasions that "a vmax doesn't handle" by way too many plastic crotch rocket owners, I decided to build something that would really upset them, and something that would "hide" to the unknowing in a crowd. It took seven years due to finances from start to finish and to be honest could still do with a few adjustments, but so far, with almost 2000 miles under my belt, it just gets better and better.

To start with I altered the main cradle to lower the top rails to accept a top fuel tank, fitted FZ1000 front end to reduce offset and trail giving me more of a sports steering and dragging the front wheel in by 50mm. Fitting a 240 rear wheel meant having to extend the shaft drive with 2 UJ's pushing the rear out by 150mm, making the bike 100mm longer than a standard VMAX, fitted stage 7 Dynojet kit purely to remove airbox allowing me to fit an FZ1 fuel tank on top giving me an 18ltr tank, adjusted a B-King seat unit to fit making the bike look more "race" like, finally, after 3 attempts, got the mono-shock spring correct for my weight and length of swingarm, then wrapped the whole thing in fibreglass, ending up with a "large" but very stable race bike that is actually very comfortable and goes like stink.
Finally going for a subtle paint job along the same lines as norton, black and gold, painted by stig from Sickboyz. Matching wheels machined out to the yamaha tuning forks design finish it off .