Triumph Custom Bobber

The bike is built by myself in a shed (well garage). I built the bike about 6 years ago. Had a few up and downs with the engine, but then last year a valve seat dropped out, so thought time for a make over.

Stripped it down just to clean it up and give it a paint job, and ended up making a new petrol tank for it and putting Spindle mount Hot Rod wheels on it which I had for my next project.

I liked the way it all worked together, but it lowered the bike another 45mm, so had to make the exhaust to go in line with the frame (just so I can go around corners), it was still too low so I had Barlow Engineering make some fork extensions. It was painted in the shed and fabrications done in a shed, using a 4" grinder, Mig welder and a 1934 Myford lathe