Honda CB750F1

Started life as an uber-ugly and very worn out American imported F1 model. Fitted K swing arm and hub - drilled and vented the hub. Fitted GL1100 front end with nitrate black coating and twin disks. Custom made fork adjusters. Vented the disks (very time consuming!) callipers fashion titanium bolts. Welded all the original race-spec re-production parts to the frame - frame brace, foot hangers, tail unit stays, oil tank holders. Made all the under-tray from sheet alloy. Rebuild the entire wiring-loom from scratch to retain starter-motor. Battery squeezed under seat. Waited a long time (worth the wait) for the fuel and oil tanks to arrive. Fairing took forever to get to fit just-so. GPRS speedo and top triple-clamp from Cognito-moto. Entire lump trimmed and painted with CR29 four-bank carbs. Incredibly difficult-to-find pipes from Japan and cost...don't ask... Super-low screen from Canada. Fins on hubs machined smooth for aesthetics, powder coated inside Borani rims. Took two very long years in a shed to build. Tuned at www.good-bits.co.uk who know how to set-up a CR750 - 78bhp at the rear wheel - with assumed big-bore kit and or hot cams from a previous life. Does seem to eat spark-plugs though!? Daylight MOT.