‘The Dominatrix’
Honda NX650 Dominator Street Tracker

IDP Moto began work on this Honda Dominator by stripping the whole thing down to a rolling chassis before finding a fuel tank from a 1972 Honda XL250, which fitted and flowed perfectly with the chassis and gave the bike the required retro look.

A new sub-frame was fabricated and welded to the existing chassis, before being blasted and powder-coated along with numerous other parts such as the swing-arm (to which a short steel hugger was welded), footrests, and suspension linkages.

A second-hand rear wheel replaced the original front and both rims were stripped, blasted and powder-coated before being re-laced with stainless spokes, and fitted with a pair of Continental TKC80 Twinduro tyres.

The engine was completely stripped, blasted, painted, re-bored and rebuilt using new bearings and seals, a new crank, a new piston and rings, a new cam and followers and, of course, new gaskets all round.

New seals were fitted to the master cylinders and callipers, and every bush and bearing was renewed. The electrics were mostly hidden under the tank, and the battery and solenoid were slotted into an ebonite battery box, which was attached behind the Ramair foam filter.

A MotoGP-style silencer was added to the ‘wrapped’ downpipes, giving the bike a cool nod to modernity and, to ensure that it ran as sweetly as the original, a Dynojet kit was also fitted.

A pair of classic RC Honda wings, around 1968 vintage, went on the freshly-painted Honda Racing Red tank before a further six coats of lacquer went applied. Meanwhile upholsterer, Steve Adams, made and fitted the seat unit.